Media upsets Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan the talented actor who has received rave reviews for his outstanding performance in Rang De Basanti never hinders from speaking his mind and always in a blunt and straightforward manner. Aamir has always had a bone to pick with the media; he is either completely off the media or into the media for promoting his movies. But Aamir Khan does not like the media to speak about his personal life.
Recently, a reporter from a news channel was at the receiving end of Aamir’s ire. The journalist was thrilled when after much persistence; he managed to get an interview with Aamir. Unfortunately, his excitement was short-lived, as he found out during the course of the interview, that Aamir was not too keen to answer all his questions. The interviewer was quite taken aback with Aamir Khan’s lack of interest in the questions posed to him. When the interviewer questioned Aamir about his future plans, he was non-committal and uninterested.

Aamir Khan, who is going through his ‘off the media’ phase, claimed he was angry with the media, as they often tend to blow things out of proportion. When he was quizzed if the media had made any personal and untrue accusations towards him, he simply remarked that it was not a personal thing concerning him, but that he was standing up on behalf of the entire film fraternity against the unprofessional behavior of the media. He said that he would continue to be off the media, especially news channels until and unless they learnt to get their facts right.

Aamir also claimed that there were too many dramatics in the news shown by the media these days. When he was asked for a specific action that had him berating the media, he said that one of the things that really irritated him was the use of background music when a news feature was on. He said, “Sabse pehle to aap background music daalna band kijiye news ke doraan!” (Firstly, stop incorporating background music when news features are running). Aamir sarcastically exclaimed that the media was today using background music while airing news and that tomorrow the media would employ storywriters to give the news more impact.

Well, Aamir has always made his point in a blunt and straightforward way, be it his movies or reality. Here is one man who can always tell it like it is, hats off to him for standing up and voicing his opinion when he feels things are not all right. Perhaps more actors need to take a leaf out of his book.

Aamir Khan who is known for doing a few selected films in a year will be seen in Mani Ratnam’s The Mahabharata, Kunal Kohli’s Fanaah and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Mr. Singh and Mrs. Mehta.