Media captures Ash's Karva Chauth secretly

Celebrities' personal life is a fodder for the media. They always hunt for the suitable opportunity when some popular stars will be caught in a trap and they will flash the news everywhere. Media always keeps a tab on the move of the stars and no sooner they find a juicy story, they are thrilled to blaze it. And if the celebrity is like Aishwarya Bachchan then the intensity and news value is doubly. Like last year, this year too media interferes in the private affair of the Bachchan ladies. They hide cameras in secret position and focused the Bachchan ladies performing Karva Chauth rituals.

Big B who returned home from hospital on the auspicious occasion seemed not content with media's interference on their private life and burst over them. Speaking out against the violation of his family's privacy he says, "The prying electronic media positioned themselves at vantage points to invade private space inside our home. It a callous, abhorrent act. Our privacy was invaded without our consent. Otherwise the ladies of the house were happy and content. They involved themselves with all the rituals connected with the occasion and the evening went off delightfully well."