Me and Sara chat over a glass of champagne, Kareena

The latest episode of Koffee with Karan was rendered extra interesting by the teasing interaction between cousins Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor where the latter opened up about various aspects of her life. The cousins have seldom been snapped together. So, their interaction was a novelty. For example, Ranbir asked, "You haven't really been friendly with a colleague of yours no?" he said to Karan "Never…Like she hates all of them," and continued, "You have always liked somebody who is 10 years your senior or somebody who is just born."

Kareena was not to be defeated. She replied, "A) I am not here to make friends and B) I am here to work. C) I have too many friends already so why I would I want to make friends." However, she is getting on well with Katrina Kaif – the rumored girlfriend of Ranbir. ,"I really like her, she is a good person and doesn't pretend to be what she is not. I am really happy for them," she said.

The actress went on to add glimpses of her life as the wife of Saif. She especially expressed her delight with the two teenage children of Saif – Sara and Ibrahim. "It's pretty amazing, they have a wonderful mother. They are the most well brought up children. I always remember Sara standing up and doing adab...both Sara and Ibrahim are like that. I am like a friend for them. At times me and Sara chat over a glass of champagne. That's the way Saif wanted it and that's the way I wanted it," she said. She added that Sara even talks to her about her boyfriends. "Whenever she wants to call me she does at time when Saif isn't around and she doesn't want to talk to him. She talks to me. She discusses boyfriends with her father too and has brought a couple of them home."

Asked about her views of doing intimate bedroom scenes, Kareena replied, "I'm looking at a script as if I want to do it or not. Even earlier, If I didn't want to kiss onscreen, I wouldn't. If I wanted to, I would. I haven't even discussed it with Saif. I definitely told him that he can't kiss onscreen," she said laughingly.

The actress looked as charming and captivating as ever in a pink strapless Monisha Jaising gown, accessorized with some bling.