Me and Abhi like working with each other, Ash

Too much hype is surrounding the upcoming film of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavan’ and much anticipation is due to the on-screen couple who is a pair in the real life, the most elegant couple of Bollywood, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan. They have been married for the last three years and starred in films together but 'Raavan' is special for them as they have shoot in an adverse condition for months and got to work with Mani Ratnam again after 'Guru'.  As far as work is concern, they are very professional and love working with each other but don’t rate each other.

"We don't rate each other. We just like working with each other as co-actors," quips Aishwarya. Speaking about Abhi as an actor, she added, "Abhishek is a very free actor. He breaks himself free. He works as a team member and doesn't act as a male lead or anything of that sort (on work)".

"He is a teammate fulfilling his director's vision in every which manner he can and a pleasure to work with," she added.

Her actor-husband chipped in, "We don't criticize our performances. As a wife, Aishwarya has always been equally and completely supportive and more than that as a co-actor, she does everything to make it go right. She does not ever compromise even on her co-star's work."

"(And) as a couple we never bring work home...that's a rule," added the actor, who was sporting a pink shirt and a black suit.

One of the biggest films of the couple, ‘Raavan’ is slated for June 18 release. In the movie, Abhishek plays a local gunda (Beera Munda), who kidnaps Aishwarya (Ragini), wife of police officer Vikram (Dev).