'Masti' Bhare stars!

MastiYou have seen the promos and heard the songs and may be eagerly awaiting the release of this film. Yes, we are talking about Indra Kumar's latest offering 'Masti'. This comedy and a riot of laughter are scheduled to release on 9th April. Therefore the publicity of this film is at its prime. We caught up with the director and his artistes. We first started asking all of them about the film and their respective roles...
Extracts of our talk with the team are as follows:

Indra Kumar, director of the film, says, "It's an out and out comedy. It's about three married men and how they behave after marriage. But it's a fun film."

Ajay Devgan says, "I play the ring master for these three married guys; basically keeping a check on them that they don't go hay wired."

Vivek Oberoi says, "I play the character of Meet. Whichever girl Meet meets becomes his meet."

Lara Dutta: "I am not playing a married woman. But a girl who wants to know to what extent these married men can go to. So I am trying to woe them."

Aftaab Shivdassani: Now what can I say, yes I do get married in the film. It's just full of humor.

Tara Sharma: If I tell you who I am playing then what's the point. But I want you to go see the film, as you will come out laughing.

Ritesh Deshmukh: I am one of those guys who are scared of his wife. So I do whatever she asks me to do. Basically a hen pecked husband.

Indra Kumar, Director, says the film was shot with sync sound and without any dubbing. He says, "I wanted to have sync sound as the emotions and laughter and improvisation that come on the sets naturally don't come in dubbing."

Ajay Devgan: We were a little skeptical about it in the beginning but as the film progressed we became very comfortable with it.

Ritesh Deshmukh: The best part about the sync sound was that we had to just have fun on the sets and it was being canned. So we were just enjoying ourselves.

This multi- starrer film has both established as well as new actors in it.

Ajay Devgan: There were no ego hassles. Everyone is down to earth and I think because of that the chemistry of the film is fantastic.

Vivek Oberoi: There was no one new or five films old or any such thing. Everyone was working like a team. It was a blast.

Genelia D'Souza: I am just one film old but while doing 'Masti' no one made me feel that I was new. I was very comfortable with everyone.

Amrita Rao: You know it was like a bunch of college students. We were playing pranks on each other all the time. So all of us were in sync with each other.

There were a lot of pranks in the film and on the sets; each actor playing a joke on the other. So when the film is made up of pranks and the actors have taken the pranks seriously. Then these pranks are sure to tickle you when you go to watch the film. Let's wait and watch how much Masti this film brings our way!

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