Married couple, Sara-Ali split-up

After the big wedding on national TV, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant broke up. It is heard that the couple is not living together. They split over monetary issue. Hence, Sara is living at her Lokhandwala house and Ali with his parents.

After her ouster from Bigg Boss, when Sara came to her apartment, she has found hell change in the house.  She was shocked to find Ali too extra extravagant. She called off the marriage and asked Ali to leave her house.

Sara's official spokesperson confirms, "It's a personal matter but yes it's true. Sara and Ali are not together anymore.

After she got back from the Bigg Boss house she found out a lot of things and was hurt and she took this decision. That's all we can say."

While Ali maintains, "Yes, I am not staying with her. But it is not due to any problems between us. It is because of her family members who still do not accept me.
I want to win their approval and then live with Sara. I need time to win them over and I feel it is better I am not with Sara for the moment."

He adds, "Sara's family had issues with me from Day One. They were the ones who went around saying that we were already married earlier and stayed away from the wedding celebrations in Bigg Boss."

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan were seeing each other for three years before they got married at the Bigg Boss house.