Marriage has done wonders for Lolo

The best of both worlds. Marriage and the movies. Life is truly beautiful for Karisma Kapoor, newly-wed bride and million-dollar-smile actress[continued...]
But first things first. How has life changed for the heartthrob of millions after she tied the knot with businessman Sunjay Kapur?

"After marriage, one becomes more responsible. Earlier, my responsibilities were towards my family, my producers and directors. But now, my responsibilities are towards a person who is a very important part of my life. It feels wonderful to be a married woman. I feel settled. It's a different kind of feeling. As an actress, I have dressed up as a bride for the camera. But honestly, playing a bride on-screen and being one in real life are completely different feelings. I am very happy," says Karisma.

In the same breath, the actress whose celluloid journey spans from Prem Qaidi to Baaz: A Bird In Danger and still has many more milestones to cross insists that she - as a person - is still the same.

"I have always been a modern girl with traditional Indian values. I am a combination of the modern and the traditional and won't alter my lifestyle. Even after marriage, my outlook towards life remains the same." If anything, life has become more meaningful for Karisma.

Meanwhile, Karisma - after a temporary hiatus from the silver screen - is back to the world of lights, camera and action, with shooting having started for Mere Jeevan Saathi , in which Akshay Kumar is her co-star.

"I am choosy about my films and, in the past two or three years, have become even more particular. I will continue to judge films purely on their merit and take up roles which are different from what the audience generally sees in movies."

In Mere Jeevan Saathi , Karisma, in her own words, essays a role with shades of grey. "It's a role which I have never played earlier and is certainly not a run-of-the mill 'negative' portrayal. Another film I am really excited about is Zamaanat ."

Excitement tempered by equanimity. For, even as Karisma remains an acclaimed actress, she cuts a picture of marital bliss. It's a double delight. Home is where her heart is. The studios are where her art is. And Karisma Kapoor is having the best of both worlds.