‘Marriage-breaker’ charge breaks down Shilpa

The allegation of ‘marriage-breaker’ by some media has broken down Shilpa Shetty physically. Recently after declaring her marriage with businessman Raj Kundra, the allegation of breaking Raj and Kavita’s marriage came as a shock to her. She clarified that she liked Raj from the Day 1 but after knowing about his troublesome marriage, she made him clear that she will carry forward their relationship only after he gets divorced.

"It actually made me feel physically ill. To be called a marriage-breaker was the worst thing possible. It brought such shame on to my parents, and I felt so bad for their sake”, Shilpa has been quoted as saying.

Shilpa met Raj post the Big Brother show and their love story started soon after that. But Shilpa who is desperately looking forward to her wedding in October does not feel like to snivel on the wrong charge. The duo has started to plan for their future and purchased a seven-bedroom mansion worth five-million-pound in London. The mansion has a big nursery and Shilpa wants her children to grow up playing in the readymade nursery.