Manyata yet to get divorce from her first husband?

The news of Sanjay-Manyata’s marriage was soon followed by her pregnancy. A new twist in the tale is that Manyata is not yet divorced from her first husband Merai ul Rehman. She was married to him in 2003 and still not separated formally. Manyata’s marriage with Sanjay Dutt is her fourth. The marriage was held in Goa among few family friends. They are married in a totally Hindu style.

Manyata also had one son from Merai’s side who is presently in Dubai staying with her relatives. Merai agitated on hearing the news of his wife Manyata’s marriage and now wanted his son back. He is going to file a case in court to claim the custody of his son. Ironically, Merai himself is in jail. He is accused of sending some vulgar SMSs to some Bollywood actresses. To justify his statement, he showed his marriage and honeymoon photographs. He also laid down Manyata’s pregnancy report. 

Since, Sanjay Dutt is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy; he threw a post-wedding party amidst of much hullabaloo. The party was attended by his childhood friend and brother-in-law Kumar Gaurav, Suniel Shetty and his wife Mana and few other close relatives and friends. Manyata with red saree and Sanjay with white kurta and black jacket are enjoying the party to the fullest. By looking at Manyata it seems that she is least bothered about her son’s future and turning a deaf ear to her first husband. She has taken a new path with another brand new spouse.