Manyata reportedly pregnant, hence rushed wedding with Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt Weds ManyataSanjay Dutt and girlfriend Manyata officially tied the knot yesterday. However the wedding was a small private affair with just a few close friends in tow. Even Sanjay's family including his sisters and daughter were not aware of the marriage and were not present for it. However Manyata has been living with Sanjay at his home for more than a year now and in fact several times there have been reports that the two were already secretly married. But now there is a new twist to the story. There have been reports that Sanjay and Manyata chose to have an official wedding as Manyata is already three months pregnant. 

The registry marriage has been reported to have taken place on 7th February, 2008 in Goa. Sanjay's family had no idea of the registry marriage and then yesterday the marriage was solemnised through Hindu rituals and customs and again Sanjay's family was unaware of it. Apparently the reason for the rushed formal marriage is that Manyata is reportedly three months pregnant. Sanjay has earlier denied all reports of being married to Manyata and hence they now needed to make an official announcement of marriage before the news of Manyata's pregnancy could come out. Sources also claim that Manyata was very keen that Sanjay make an official announcement in public about their marriage and that is one of the reasons she deliberately sported sindoor when she went out for a public event prior to the official ceremony. There is also a buzz that Manyata being pregnant was one of the reasons that Sanjay felt pressured into tying the knot, despite his family's wishes. 

Sanjay's family including his two sisters as well as his daughter are naturally hurt about not even being informed about his wedding. Sanjay's elder sister, MP Priya Dutt stated "I was not informed about the marriage and have come to know through the press. However we are happy for them and wish them all the best." Priya denied that the family was against the marriage or Manyata. Younger sister, Namrata too said "We are happy for him of course. But how can we celebrate his marriage when we don't know anything about it." Namrata also added more speculation to the earlier rumours of them already being secretly married, she said "He has been living with Manyata for the past year, so we assume he is married, otherwise why would he live with her so openly." This further adds to the rumour that Sanjay simply formally announced his married status due to Manyata's pregnancy. The sisters are no doubt hurt at being excluded from their brother's wedding. However even when Sanjay got married to his former wife Rhea Pillai, he had not informed his family and so his sisters are just trying to accept it as his way of doing things. 

Although Manyata has been seen around Sanjay's sisters a few times, especially during his stint in jail, it is clear that Manyata is not close to any of them. Namrata also added "She never made any effort to mix with the family." Meanwhile Sanjay's daughter Trishala who lives in the States was also clueless about the wedding. It has been reported that she is shocked and hurt that her father did not even bother to inform her. A shocked Trishala refused to comment on her father's marriage. Trishala's aunt who lives out there with her said "She is shocked and speechless at the turn of events. It's not fair for her to learn of this from the TV."