Manyata, Priya visit Sanjay Dutt in Arthur jail

Finally the past caught up with Sanjay Dutt and he had to surrender to court for the TADA charges levied against him. The print and electronic media had been having a field day covering the event. The entire movie industry stood behind the loved Munnabhai in his support. The drama came to an end after Sanjay surrendered as he had promised and was shifted to jail. The event has no doubt traumatized his family but commandingly they have put up a brave face and come forward to provide support for the heart broken actor.  True to his words, Sanjay has also tried to complete his parts in all the film projects that he was working in. It is a show of maturity on the part of the actor as he didn’t wished the films to suffer for his punishment.

Sanju was at first kept at the anda cell. The jail cell is egg shaped and hence it is named the anda cell, incidentally the terrorist Ajmal Kasav was the former occupant of the cell. Sanjay felt suffocated in the cell and his lawyer verbally requested the TADA court to shift him to a better place. Thankfully the court consented and removed Sanjay to a different cell.

The court has also given a few special privileges to Sanjay Dutt during his stay at the Arthur Road jail. He is allowed to have food from home, mattress, pillow, toiletries and medicines. However, as the Arthur Road jail is famous for holding terrorists and dreadful criminals, the actor has decided to bring along spiritual books to keep him company. It is heard that the actor has taken the books Hanuman Chalisa, Bhagavad Gita, and Ramayana along with him.

Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maanyta and sister Priya visited him in the jail, 2 days after his surrender to the TADA court. Though, the two was never known to share a good camaraderie, the photos of them together holding hand while visiting Sanjay showcases the change in their relation. It seems grief have brought the family together. It still remains to be seen how the family grows out of this painful times. Sanjay and Maanyta’s children are too young to understand the trauma and we sure hope that they never have to face it and our Munnabhai comes out of all the troubles as he does effortlessly on the big screen.