Manyata, kids stuck in Dubai amid lockdown, Sanjay Dutt worried

Veteran actor Sanjay Dutt is worried about his family as wife Manyata and his 9-year-old twins Shahraan and Iqra stuck in Dubai amid lockdown. They have flown to Dubai before the lockdown and by that time Government has declared lockdown and they stuck in Dubai. Despite multiple times chatting with his family, the ‘Munnabhai’ actor is worried about his loved ones.

Sanjay told Times of India in an interview, “In the past, I have spent periods of my life in a lockdown. Back then and even now, the one thought that stays with me is the way I miss my family. For me, they are everything. Thanks to technology, I can see and talk to them multiple times in a day, and yet, I miss them terribly. These times teach you about the fragility of life, and the value of moments spent with your loved ones. We should count our blessings, and never take them for granted.”

“Although I have them virtually with me, there is a difference. As a father and husband, I am worried about their safety, even though I know that they are fine,” he added.

The actor is utilising his free time productively. He preps for his upcoming films which include practising his dialogues and work-out. Sharing how much he values his time, he said, “I keep my life simple by focusing on my family and work. I love the multiple chats I have with my children. My kids keep me amused with their non-stop chatter and masti, even on video calls.”

Sanjay Dutt has turned messiah for thousand families in Mumbai at this crucial time, he arranges food for the underprivileged, who are facing difficulties in making arrangement for their foods.