Manyata gets hubby Sanjay’s name tattooed

Manyata Dutt who is missing her husband Sanjay Dutt has recently got his name tattooed on her right finger. When Sanjay heard about this, he got emotional.  Manyata who is managing Sanjay’s business as well their twins, recently celebrated her birthday but she avoided any wishes from anyone and also shunned any celebration as she was in no mood to bring in her birthday without her husband Sanjay. 

Sanjay Dutt too will have a quiet birthday in jail. He will turn 54 tomorrow but nobody is allowed to meet him as his friends could not file application to visit him in jail timely.

Sanjay might be away from his family but he remains aware of what the day to day affairs of his family and work in jail as his wife Manyata on regular basis writes letter to Sanju Baba and he too sends letter to her everyday.

When Manyata ring in her birthday a few days back, Sanjay from jail send her roses and wrote a poem remembering Manna.

Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced five years in jail for possessing illegal pistol and weapons which has been used in 1993 Bombay serial blasts.  Though the actor then said that he has kept the weapons for the safety of his family, the court found him guilty of possessing illegal weapons and sentenced him five years imprisonment. But as Sanju Baba has already served jail for one and a half years back, he now has to remain  behind the bars for only three and a half years.

In his absence, Manyata is taking care of his production house. His last petition was also rejected by court. Recently, doctors visited Sanjay after he complained of high blood pressure and pain in knee.

Sanjay married Maanyata in 2002 in a private ceremony in Goa. Maanyata is his third wife. They are blessed with two twin kids. Sanjay also has a daughter from her first marriage with late actress Richa Sharma. After that he married model Rhea Pillai but the marriage lasted seven years only.