Manoj Kumar to take legal action against Farah Khan

Farah Khan in her attempt to make an entertaining film and a film for the masses disappointed few of her industry colleagues. When she made ‘Om Shanti Om’, she definitely hurt the sentiments of Manoj Kumar, which he is still nursing.

 ‘Om Shanti Om’ had a lot of spoofs on the industry, and one such was on Manoj Kumar. He took serious offense to it. In 2008, when the movie released, he had filed a case against the makers. The court had ruled out, that all offensive content should be removed from all the prints of the movie. Manoj Kumar forgave them that time, but this time he is no mood to do the same.

 It has come back to the forefront again, since ‘Om Shanti Om’, has been released in Japan. And as per him, the spoof on him has not been edited or removed; it stands exactly the way it did in 2007. The movie went on to do great business but Manoj Kumar never approved of it. The scene has Shah Rukh Khan, who plays the main lead, cover his face with his hand and walk into the hall, imitating his signature style in a laughable way. He found it extremely insulting and had personally asked the makers to remove those scenes, and they promised to do so but failed to live up to it.

 This time the veteran has filed a 100 crore lawsuit against the makers, and he will not be backing out this time. Manoj Kumar also added, “I am disappointed. My solicitors are looking into this now. They feel I am too lenient and have told me that they will handle the matter now.”

 It had stirred up a huge controversy back in 2007, and Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan had personally gone to meet him and soothe him. Manoj Kumar feels that they have highly disrespected him by not honoring his word, even though he requested them.

 Manoj Kumar maintains that he has good relations with Sajid and Farah Khan, but he will not compromise on this front. It has been six long years since this controversy started, but no action has been taken yet. Farah Khan, who is in Tokyo for the release of her film, has not given any comment yet.

 ‘Om Shanti Om’, starred Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles, and was a super hit, despite the controversies that tried to be a road block.