Manoj Kumar to drag Shahrukh, Farah to court

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan caricatured veteran actor Manoj Kumar in the last year blockbuster Om Shanti Om. Manoj Kumar raised objection on that defamatory act but then Shahrukh and the director of the film Farah Khan were able to convince Manoj Kumar by assuraning him that that they would delete the scene very soon and did not mean to hurt him intentially. The issue has been raised again when a long time has passed by and Shahrukh and Farah failed to keep their promise. The film will be shown on the world TV premiere on Sony Entertainment channel on August 10. Manoj Kumar wanted to get the scenes deleteted before airing of the movie on the TV or he will file a case against them. 

Manoj Kumar considered the scene where his duplicate played by Shahrukh been beaten by a security guard as a matter of disgrace.  Last year, Shahrukh and Farah been able to convince him but this time it seemed quite difficult. Kumar is in talk with his lawyer Ashok Saraogi and action would be taken immediately. Kumar’s advocate said that a case has been filed against the TV premiere of the film on Sony TV to be aired on Aug 10 and against Shahrukh and Farah who did not pay any heed to their repeated requests and legal notices.