Manna Dey’s daughter turns down Mamata Banerjee’s request

The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee requested Manna Dey’s family to allow her to take his body for the last respect to Kolkata but the singer’s daughter Sumita Deb turned down her request. Mamata Banerjee has sent her representative Kalyan Banerjee to talk to Dey’s family to take the body home in a special flight for few hours so that the people of West Bengal can pay their last respect to the music legendary but Sumita Deb refused.

Though Manna Dey hailed from Kolkata, for the last two decades he made Bangalore his home. However, sources said when Manna Dey was in problem, Mamata Banerjee and the police commissioner of Kolkata refused to help them. Dey’s nephew with whom the music genius shared joint account cheated on him by withdrawing Rs 12 lakh from the joint account without his uncle’s knowledge, took out jewellery and a watch valued at Rs 15 lakh from a locker.

"She didn't come forward to show any concern for the family which was going through a tough time in the five months and 10 days when he was undergoing treatment," Sumita said.

Manna Dey was not keeping well for a long time and the family faced financial crisis in meeting the medical expenses.  

Sumita said she hadn't rejected the offer to take the body to Kolkata but only decided to go ahead with the cremation, as everything had been arranged. "He was a simple man with great ideals, and would have preferred it this way."

However, Mamata has rubbished Manna Dey’s daughter claims, saying she herself went to meet the ailing artist and conferred him the state honours, proving that the government never ignored the music genius.

"Our biggest regret is that we wanted to bring him alive to the State but could not do so even after he died. I spoke to his family members and requested for bringing his body by special flight to Kolkata, at least for 24 hours, to pay our last respects to the legendary singer and then perform the last rites at Bangalore as desired by the family. Even if the body was brought to the city for two hours we would have cancelled the programme in the hills. Manna Dey does not belong to his family alone, he belongs to the entire music fraternity! Police has to be genuine and impartial, we cant instruct them to act arbitrarily," said Didi.

However, Dey's daughter had a different take on the issue, "I have pleaded with the state government, and the government never recognised our plea. In that case how shall I honour her words?"

Manna Dey breathed his last around 3: 50 am in a private hospital in Bangalore after prolonged illness.