Manisha Koirala’s parents speak about her divorce

Manisha Koirala might not have thought that her hasty comment about wanting divorce would spread like a fire in the jungle and media, reporters, friends, family would chased her crazily to enquire about the truth. She had to pay a heavy price for her remark updated on Facebook. Now her parents are coming forward to clear the weather about her divorce.

Her mother Sushma Koirala charged the media for making the issue big out of nothing which actually was nothing than a normal squabble between a husband and a wife.

"There might have been some minor dispute between the two which is normal in a married life but it has not reached to that extent as reported by the media."

"Manisha is busy with her work and is in Goa currently to attend a film festival where she has become a judge. Everything will be fine as soon as she returns home in a few days. I haven't spoken her about the matter, but so far as I understand it is not serious," Sushma told over phone.

"It is not a big deal. I don't want to blame the media and say that it was totally false. I hope that things will move towards positive direction," she added.

It was also reported that Manisha after marriage spent most  of the time at her parents’ place.

Manisha and Samrat’s marriage are hardly five months old and crack in their relationship is already in the limelight.