Manisha barred hospital authority to speak about her illness

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala who was undergoing treatment at Jaslok hospital Mumbai was discharged today. Manisha 42 was diagnosed with cancer after she was thoroughly investigated in hospital. She was flown to Mumbai from Katmandu after she fell unconscious in her home town.

She was accompanied by her mother and later her father and brother joined her in hospital. When doctors thoroughly checked up Manisha, she was found suffering from cancer. She was undergoing treatment at the same hospital but was discharged today. During three days of stay in the hospital, friends and relatives kept railing the actress.

The actress barred doctors to divulge details of her illness. "Manisha was discharged on Friday morning. She has requested not to disclose anything about her I am not allowed to speak about it," Krishnakant Dasyam, spokesperson of Jaslok Hospital, told..

Debuted with ‘Saudagar’ in 1991, Manisha starred in many super-hit films. Suddenly, she disappeared from the film industry and pushed herself into alcohol and tobacco. She recently hit the headlines for her troubled marriage and her decision to file for divorce. She returns with Mukesh Bhatt’s ‘Bhoot Returns’.

Friends of Manish wished her speedy recovery and they are sure that Manisha will fight back courageously and get out of the dreaded disease with positive spirit.

Manisha's friends are optimistic that Manisha will win the battle and emerged victorious. "Woh manage kar legi biru," said one of her oldest pals, Jackie Shroff. "She is not a quitter. She has battled so much more in her life that a mere illness won't be able to defeat her." Ram Gopal Varma, one of Manisha's closest colleagues, spoke to TOI twice, just to enquire about her. "I have not been able to communicate with her... I've been getting these text messages about her health that got me very worried," said RGV.

Manisha’s neighbor and her close friend Gulshan Grover said, "She is a strong girl and I hope she will be able to win this battle just as she had won the others," he said.