Manisha, a knock-out in red

Manisha Koirala looking hot in a red dress


Manisha Koirala looked like a million bucks in her sexy red dress at designer Shahid Aamir's Cpress event. Manisha who had earlier put on oodles of weight due to her partying habits, seems to have finally managed to gain control of her figure. Now all this beautiful lady has to do is get a hold on her 'non-existent' acting career. Manisha is a talented actress but she has not been seen in films for ages now. Well...we hope that she returns to the big screen the clock is ticking away all her good years pretty fast.


Sushmita Sen in a black dress


Sushmita Sen was also seen parading about at Shahid Aamir's event, she has been seen at a number of events recently. But we have to wonder what exactly Sush baby is promoting as she certainly does not have any film releasing soon? Sush has also piled on the pounds recently and what has happened to this diva's dress sense we have to wonder, as she was seen wearing a black tunic with a leopard print frill and leggings which only made her look even more bulky.


Fardeen Khan along with wife Natasha and sister Laila


Fardeen Khan along with wife Natasha and sister Laila were present at the event. Laila has recently been spotted quite often in the company of brother Fardeen, no doubt after her rumoured split with hubby, she needs all the comfort from her family. No doubt Fardeen too needs some comforting due to his dwindling acting career. We guess this brother-sister duo have a lot of bonding to do.


Manisha Koirala and Sushmita Sen greeting each other


Who said two actresses in bollywood can't be friends. Sushmita warmly greeted Manisha Koirala and with both of them being out of work actresses, no doubt they had a lot of catching up to do? What say..ladies?