Mani's Yuva to premiere at IIFA awards

YuvaMani Rathnam's ' Yuva' and 'Aayitha Ezhuthu' have followed 'Lagaan', 'Aankhen and 'Armaan' to be chosen to premiere at this year's Samsung IIFA Awards, to be held in Singapore in May. The organizers at a press conference in the presence of IIFA ambassador Amitabh Bachchan and director Mani Rathnam announced this. The two films have the same screenplay and story, but have been...
...shot in Tamil and Hindi with different casts.

'Yuva', is in Hindi with top stars Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi. The Tamil version has Madhavan, Siddharth and Surya in the leading roles. Addressing the media, Bachchan said that the awards were a platform for Indian cinema to market itself on the global arena. ''The greatest power of Hollywood is its meticulous planning in terms of finance and marketing. The Indian industry has to market itself well to make a global impact,'' he added. The event also saw the release of the list of nominations for the IFFA awards. The nominations are open for public voting from April 1, and Price Waterhouse Coopers will monitor the voting process, which is also the auditor for the annual Oscar awards.

Amitabh said that he was happy to see his son, Abhishek, progress as an actor and was looking forward to working with him in AB Corp's 'Ranveer'. ''I think he is getting better with each film and I am happy for it,'' he said. He was asked if he wished to be in Abhishek's shoes now? ''I wish I were young. Then maybe I could work for Mani Rathnam and, of course, with all those lovely young ladies,'' he quipped.