Mandira Bedi's hubby Raj blames channel Colors

Television star Mandira Bedi’s husband director Raj Kaushal blames channel Colors for their negligence and lack of safety measures. While performing a stunt for the Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi season 2, Mandira Bedi fractured her ankle. Raj Kaushal was highly disappointed that the Khatron ke Khiladi production team has not taking requisite precautions.

The director says, “I am appalled with the safety measures in our tv industry. Mandira has fractured her ankle. She was performing a stunt without any safety measures, medics, or equipment present on her Khatron ke Khiladi promotion shoot.” Kaushal added on twitter, “What is even worse is that no one from the production team or channel Colors bothered to check on her. Truly disgusting.”

Mandira’s fracture will take over six weeks to heal. It is said that the participants were not informed during the press conference that they need to perform the stunts. Mandira’s friend said, “Only Akshay Kumar was supposed to do the stunt. The girls were informed at the last minute, so they didn’t have enough time to rehearse.”

The channel spokesperson passes the incident saying that it was just a minor incident. He said, “When the team of Fear Factor was rehearsing for the press conference, Mandira unfortunately twisted her ankle. All the safety arrangements, including layers of safety mattresses, were in place. But incidents like these cannot be ruled out. We hope Mandy recovers from this soon.”