Mandira Bedi, Raj Kaushal to adopt a girl child

Mandira Bedi and her husband Raj Kaushal wants to complete their family. They have a son Veer and now they wanted a daughter to complete their family but there is a problem. Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal's combined age set to cross 90 this April and according to law, a couple is not eligible to adopt a child if their combined age exceeds 90. Hence, the desperate couple turns to social media.

Mandira's husband and producer Raj Kaushal, shared their plans on Facebook. He said that they want to adopt a girl between the ages of two and four, but under Indian adoption rules, they can't do this if the collective age of both parents is more than 90.

Speaking to mid-day Mandira said, "We started the adoption process a few years ago, as we wanted to get a sibling for our little fellow. But it is a long and tiresome process. Finally Rraj decided to put up a post on Facebook. He believes that it will help us, as the universe will open its doors. I fear that talking about it will slim our chances further. But I hope we bring home a new child very soon and complete our family."

Mandira will turn 45 on April 15 and the deadline is just a month away and the couple feared that their plan to adopt a child might not be shattered.

Infact, the excited couple already picked a perfect name for their child.  "Mandira and I had decided that we would have one child of our own and adopt another. When she was pregnant [with Veer], we were very clear that if it is a boy, we will adopt a girl and vice versa. We had always decided that our children will be called Veer and Tara."

However, the paperwork proved to be a major blockage. "Veer was born in 2011 and it was around the end of 2013 that we started with the adoption procedure. We began the paperwork with two orphanages — one in Mumbai and another in Jalandar — but there was a lot of paperwork and we were clueless about certain things. Now we have much more clarity and want to do it as soon as possible," said Raj.

After the facebook post of Raj Kaushal, they received many positive response from the people across the states. "It is so wonderful that people from Rajasthan, Mizoram, Karnataka have been sending in messages. In fact, Sandip Soparrkar [choreographer], who has adopted a boy, called and said that he would help us with the process," he signed off.

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