Mandana Karimi opens up about divorce with hubby Gaurav

Only six months and former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi has filed for divorce from husband Gaurav Gupta. She alleged that she was assaulted by Gaurav and her mother-in-law and was thrown out of her matrimonial house.

Talking to TOI, Mandana said, "Honestly, I love my husband very much. I haven't filed for divorce. I just want to tell him that you can't take a marriage so lightly. You can't manipulate and throw me out of the house. I am his wife and I don't understand why he isn't allowing me to enter my matrimonial house? I have been staying out of the house for almost 7 weeks. He recently told a common friend of ours that I don't want Mandana in my life and I will file for divorce. If he wanted to divorce me within 6 months of our marriage why did he marry me," said the Iranian model.

When asked if her mother-in-law was always against their relationship, Mandana said, "Yes, she was but I thought things will get better with time. I changed my religion. I accepted Hinduism and our wedding took place according to Hindu rituals. She only allowed us to get married as her son wanted to marry me. And now when she realised that her son is planning to move out of the house and separate the business she told Gaurav either you chose Mandana or her. My husband Gaurav, who doesn't have a spine to chose, decided to stay with his mother. I always joked about evil mother-in-laws from Balaji's daily soaps, but had never imagined that it will happen to me. She used to abuse and insult me. In fact, I was the one who told Gaurav that we will stay with the family. I will work on it. I really tried, but they were always mean to me and never accepted me as part of the family. She used to taunt me 'India mein aisa nahi hota, tum Iran se hona toh tumhe kya pata India ka culture'."

The ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum’ actress says that her husband Gaurav has left her with no money, "When things started becoming bad between us I told him Gaurav lets sit and talk or go on a holiday. Let's spend some time together so that we can sort out the differences, but he always refused giving excuses. I have no clothes, no money and I am staying in an apartment. They all have moved on in life. My husband is busy partying, my mother-in-law is ready to go on a holiday and I am here still trying to contact Gaurav. When I took police to his house they didn't let me in. He didn't allow me to enter even his office. He told one of his friends how dare she took police to my house," said Mandana.

Mandana Karimi regrets leaving her work for marriage, "I regret it. It was the most stupid decision that I took in my life. Had I been working, I didn't had to be dependent on my husband today. I was at the peak of my career when I left everything to marry Gaurav as he doesn't want me to work as an actress. Today, he is in a better position because he has money and I don't. Money gives power and I lost everything when I decided to quit my career. I think no woman should ever stop working," concluded Mandana.