Man stabs wife after watching KANK film

Real life and reel life are two sides of the same coin and often one inspires the other. But recently when a violent real life incident was followed after watching KANK film, it shook the makers of the film completely. KANK is about extra-marital affairs and also shows the protagonists leaving their spouses and child for another person. Recently a man, who wanted to marry his lover, stabbed his wife as she refused to give her consent for his second marriage. However what is really shocking about this news is that this violent act occurred after the couple watched KANK.
The couple has been married for nine years and also has two children. Recently the man had been pestering his wife to allow him to marry his girlfriend a waitress. However his wife refused and left the house along with her two children. Then recently the husband went to see his wife and convinced her that he had forgotten the other woman and suggested they spend some time together by catching the latest flick KANK. The unsuspecting wife immediately agreed and went along with her husband and some of his friends. They watched the film and were on their way home when the ghastly incident took place.

The victim who is in a critical state said “After the movie my husband and his friends were driving me back to my home in a rickshaw. Suddenly he stopped and pulled me out of the vehicle and before I could understand what was happening he attacked me with some sharp weapon.” The victim who was lying on the road regained consciousness for a few minutes and began shouting for help. Some passers-by informed the police and the victim was rushed to hospital. She has sustained injuries on her face and chest and also has a bullet wound. Her husband is currently absconding along with his friends. The police believe that the victim’s husband took her to watch KANK so that she would allow him to marry his lover. Karan Johar who is the director of KANK claims that he is shocked by the violent incident.

Karan claims that in no way does KANK propagate such violence and negativity. Karan says “I’d rather not think of this incident as something triggered by film. I know that cinema has a lasting effect on the audience’s mind, but to even imagine that a man would get aggressive and violent against another human being is unthinkable for me.” Karan also claims that the man who committed this atrocious crime could have gone to watch his film by chance and that it could also have been any other film. Recently Shahrukh Khan claimed that he does not identify with his character in KANK as he would never leave his children. Abhishek Bachchan who is also a part of KANK claims that he is totally against extra-marital affairs and would personally never indulge in one after marriage.