Man arrested for hacking Kareena’s income tax account

The Mumbai cyber cell has arrested a person for trying to hack actress Kareena Kapoor’s income tax account details. The accused held is a 26-year-old belonging to paramiliary forces. Police started the investigation after the actress’s CA lodged a police complaint two months ago that a alleged person was trying to rig her client's IT details for 2016-2017.

According to Indian Express report, assistant police inspector S Gaund track the hacker and he said, ” A mobile phone too has several IP addresses assigned to it. We had to figure out which phone had been allotted the IP address when the fraud took place.” He also further added, “When our team questioned him on Sunday, he confessed to have illegally got onto the IT account of the actress using her PAN no that he found online.”

The accused said that his intention behind the hacking was to get Kareena’s mobile number and he did all this just to contact her. The police said, ”  He knew that in most cases when IT returns are filed, one gets the mobile number of the person in the receipt. He was hoping to get the mobile number of the actress by filing her returns so that he could talk to her once as he is a big fan of her.”

Well, the new mom might heave a sigh of relief with the arrest.