Mamu Aamir Khan ignores bhanja Imran Khan

The bond between the mama bhanja duo in the tinsel town has long been a source of talk. So, it came as a shock to many when the two did not communicate with each other, though they were shooting at adjacent locations at the same time. So, do we smell a break here?

Before you get all excited, here’s what happened. The two actors were so engrossed in their own projects that they had no idea that the other has been shooting nearby. They were at locations very close to each other, but were so absorbed in work that they were completely unaware of each other’s presence.

Aamir Khan has long been known as the perfectionist of Bollywood. He plans on doing mid air stunts for his next film. So, it comes as no surprise that he will not know that Imran was shooting nearby. And now it turns out that the bhanja is as much the workaholic as themama and he completely failed to note the presence of his celebrity uncle nearby.

The matter came to light when Imran’s mother Nuzhat came to know of the fact and told Imran that his mama was working nearby. That was almost 15 days after the event. So we can safely say that Imran is going to be as much a perfectionist as his uncle when he has failed to notice his very presence so near.

In general, the two actors make it a point to drop into each other if they are nearby. Imran Khan is a nephew of Aamir Khan. He used to play child role for the actor in films like “Qayamat se Qayamat tak” and “Jo jeeta wohi sikander”. In his adult role, Imran khan made his debut with “Jaane tu ya jaane naa”, a production by Aamir khan, uncle. He was an instant hit. While his two successive films performed indifferently, he had another runaway hit with “Delhi Belly”, also produced by Aamir Khan. So, Imran could hardly ignore uncle. It was an unintentional mistake. It was corrected after almost a fortnight when Nuzhat – mother to Imran and cousin of sorts to Aamir, informed them of the situation.

So, one good new fact is that in Imran we have found another perfectionist and we can hope for great films from him too in future.