Mallika teaches Vivek how to kiss

Mallika Sherawat who is expert in kissing her co-star in films will give Vivek Oberoi a lesson as how to lock-lips on screen for their new flick, ‘Kismat, Paisa, Love, Dilli’. The script demands a lip-locking scene and intense love between them but Vivek who has not locked lips before is bit nervous about the idea but Mallika made him ease. She told Vivek she wouldl teach him how to kiss.

Our source says, "When Mallika read the scenes she was more than okay with the idea, but Vivek was a little skeptical. He has never kissed on screen before, but she told him that it would be no big deal."

Adds the source, "Most people know that she has no qualms about doing sensual sequences."

IN KPLD, Mallika will play a Delhi guy and Mallika a Haryani. Undoubtedly, the intimate scene will be too loud and intense. The scene will be shot at Buddha Gardens in Delhi, which is a popular lovers spot.

Says a source, "Vivek plays a hardcore Delhi guy and Mallika plays a Haryanvi. So the romance between them is also pretty loud and in your face.
The writers thought this would be an ideal location since people would be familiar with the surroundings and therefore will look natural."

The film will be produced by Amit Chandra and Kishen Chowdhary.