Mallika Sherawat’s New Year act brings controversy

Mallika Sherawat always seems to be getting into controversies, even if she makes an appearance for a few minutes. Mallika Sherawat recently brought in New Year with a sensual dance performance at J.W Marriot five star hotel. The actress was reportedly paid an exorbitant amount to perform for less than hour. However there were rumours that on the night of the performance, Mallika staged a walkout after performing for a while as the organizers had not stuck to their part of the contract which stated that the media would only film a small segment of her act on stage. Mallika did not perform further as the media continued to film her entire act.
Mallika wore an extremely provocative outfit, she was seen in a body hugging skin colour cat suit which was adorned with diamonds in the form of a bikini set. A social activist Vinod Jain reportedly wants to file a case against the actress and the organizers for obscene dressing and dancing in an obscene manner that was provocative and unbecoming to Indian culture and women. Jain wants a case to be filed under the Indecent Representation of Women’s Act. Audiences had supposedly paid a huge amount to view Mallika’s performance at the New Year’s event. However the police claim that although a formal complaint has not yet been filed, an application has been received, a formal complaint will be made only after the police review tapes of Mallika Sherawat’s performance.

Another controversy was that Mallika had supposedly molested one of the dancers by pulling of his pants at the event on stage. The actress’s act which barely lasted for a few minutes is turning out to be one hell of a controversy. The promos of Mani Ratnam’s Guru are on air and Mallika’s item number has been shown. The actress does an item song along with Abhishek Bachchan and even plays a small role in the film.