Mallika Sherawat’s Airport tantrum

Mallika Sherawat has decided to go in for a complete wardrobe change, but that’s only for her off-screen image. The actress who is known for her skimpy outfits and dare bare attitude has now given up her plunging necklines and rising hemlines for the highly demure attire of a burkha off-screen. Mallika decided to wear a burkha to keep the overtly intrusive media and public at bay. Recently on a world tour, accompanied by other high profile celebs, the actress turned up in a burkha and refused to show her face for identification to airport authorities.
Mallika arrived in a burkha at the airport with her brother Vikram and another male companion. When a photographer began to click pictures of the trio, her male companion approached him and threatened to manhandle him and his camera equipment. The photographer says “I took pictures of the other stars, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur and Zayed Khan. They were all extremely polite and cooperative. But when I began to take pictures of Mallika, her friend approached me and warned me to stop clicking or else he would break the camera.”

There were many famous and well-known stars who were traveling for the ‘Rockstars’ concert. When it was time for Miss Sherawat to board the plane, she was asked to lift her burkha as proof of identity. But the actress was in no mood to comply and created quite a fuss about lifting her burkha. An eyewitness at the airport says “She refused to lift her burkha till her manager sorted it out. With top actors like John, Kareena and Zayed who would want to look at Sherawat anyway?” An actress from the ‘Rockstars’ tour stated that Mallika had previously not worn a burkha at all on the trip to and from Dubai. In fact Mallika was dressed in complete designer wear and was heard complaining about constantly being hounded by the media.

Well, now, isn’t public adulation and media publicity, what the Haryana damsel had earlier on craved? Isn’t the several smooches in most of her films, her lovemaking scenes and her barely there attire, a desperate attempt to seek attention from public and media? Besides, airport authorities have to follow normal procedure for every passenger, be it a star or lay man. Mallika had once stated in a magazine “People aren’t coming to theatres to see me in a burkha.” Well here’s some news for you gal, neither are people at an airport coming to see you in a burkha.