Mallika Sherawat makes singing debut

Mallika Shewarat has made her singing debut not in Bollywood but in Hollywood. Everyone knows Mallika as bold and beautiful but few know that she possesses a good voice also. Her hidden talent is discovered in Hollywood. She has lend her voice for two songs for her Hollywood venture, ‘Hisss’.

Before she headed to India, Mallika Sherawat recorded a song composed by John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon in a studio in Los Angeles. She has also recorded a song composed by German composer Alexander Von Bubenheim. Mallika after spending almost a year in Los Angeles returned to India and informed her fans about her singing debut.  

The film has 5 songs and 3 dance remixes. ‘Hisss’ tells the story of a snake woman whose mate is captured by an American hunter. She then decides to take revenge. The film also stars Irfan Khan and Divya Dutta.

‘Hisss’ is slated for October release.