Mallika refuses to play with Salman

Salman Khan at Rockstars ConcertThe following incident threw light on the matter that wooing glam doll Mallika Sherewat shares a cold vibes with Salman Khan. Mallika was to participate in Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum to promote her forthcoming film Ugly Aur Pagli but in the eleventh hour she turned down. The organizers had arranged everything but Mallika vehemently refused to play with Salman as she is miffed with him. 

Their differences started way back in 2006 when Salman asked Mallika and other performers to cut down their fees for the Rockstar concert as the choreographer were less paid. To this, Mallika strongly reacted and refused to give small part of her share.  Since then a cold war erupted between them. After a long time, when a chance came to Mallika to settle her differences with Sallu, she refused to avail the opportunity. It seems that she is more interested to make foes than friends in B-Town.  

In Ugly Aur Pagli, Mallika is sharing screen space with Ranvir Shourey. Her next release is Maan Gaye Mughalle Azam with Rahul Bose.