Mallika Dua's mother Chinna Dua dies of Covid-19

Actor-comedian Mallika Dua’s mother and wife of senior journalist Vinod Dua’s wife Dr Padmavati Dua aka Chinna Dua dies after a long battle with Covid-19. In May, she was diagnosed with Covid-19. She has 40,000 followers on Instagram.

She was admitted to Gurgaon Medanta hospital. He was 61. "Chinna no more," Vinod Dua posted on Facebook.

Actor-politician Bina Kak took to Instagram to pay her condolences. Bina shared a picture of Chinna and wrote, "You suffered a lot dear Chinna ..Now RIP Much love." Chinna was the wife of senior journalist Vinod Dua.

Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai also tweeted about her death. "The fiesty, gregarious, Dr Padmavati ‘Chinna’ Dua, wife of veteran journalist Vinod Dua passed away of Covid 19 after battling it for weeks. Prayers with the family.. words are just not enough in these heart breaking times," he wrote.

On May 15, Chinna had shared her Covid-19 diagnosis with her followers on Instagram. "Hi all. Day before on 13th May, I started having difficulty in breathing. My doc by listening to my voice said that i was going into cytokine storm & need monitoring. We were admitted to St Stephen's hospital on 13.5.21 but my condition progressed, requiring ICU but bed wasn't available there. Last night we got admitted to Medanta. Vinod is in the room on 5 Litre intermittent oxygen. I am on 15 Litre & breathless. It will take some time to recover. Need all good wishes, blessings & prayers of all. God bless you all always. Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy," she had written.

She also updated on her health, "Good day . Hope you all are fine. At this stage we would all love miracles. However, one has to be practical & take one day at a time. Shraddha & saburi i.e faith & patience is the only way to tide over . So stability & status quo are to be thankful for which is how it is right now. There are samples taken in the middle of the night. Sleep is disturbed for medicines, sponging , meals & what nots leaving one exhausted at times. Hence the update gets delayed. By the grace of God, countless prayers, good wishes & blessings from family & friends like you all, Inshallah we hope to attain full recovery asap. Please continue with your prayers. God bless us all always. Loads of love to all."

On Mother’s Day,Mallika Dua shared a photo of her mother Chinna and wrote, "Happy Mother’s Day my cute girl @chinnadua, please get well soon? The monkeys in the balcony are waiting for you. Plus I really miss throwing tantrums," she had written.

Padmavati is survived by her husband Vinod Dua and her daughters Mallika Dua and Bakul Dua.