Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan’s death not suicide, confirms autopsy

Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan, was found dead inside her apartment in Thrissur, Kerala, last weekend, had died of cardiac arrest, her post-mortem report revealed, putting to rest the theory of suicide.  

Rekha’s businessman husband Mohan Krishnan who lives in Malaysia, had contacted the Thrissur police to look at the situation, after he failed to get through his wife over the phone. Police broke open the door of the actress’ home on Saturday (Nov 12) and found her body and sent it for autopsy.

A glass containing leftover of some sort of liquid was reportedly, recovered near Rekha’s body, which gave rise to speculations that the actress might have committed suicide.  

However, the autopsy report has ruled out suicided and has concluded that Rekha succumbed to a heart attack and died.

As per reports, the actress was undergoing treatment for cancer for the last few months. She doesn’t have any children. Rekha was known for her roles in films like ‘Udyanapalakan’, ‘Yathramozhi’ and ‘Ne Varuvolam’. She also appeared in popular TV serial ‘Mayamma’.