Malaika had an extra marital affair with Arjun Kapoor

Grapevine buzzed that Malaika Arora Khan had an extra-marital affair with Arjun Kapoor but the sexy item girl and the yummy mummy Malaika completely denied the report and refused to give any explanation. She completely denied her extra-marital affair with the ‘2 States’ actor who is much younger to her. Malaika finally broke her silence over the much publicized affair.

Talking on the same, Malaika, denied the affair report saying, "Nothing really went through my head because I don't really give these issues too much importance in my life. Clearly, because you can't sit and justify or give a reason every now and then, because it's a waste of time. It's a figment of people's imagination for whatever it's worth. I never gave a justification and I don't really wish to do the same now."

When the Munni of Bollywood was asked as to how her hubby Arbaaz Khan reacted to the same, she said, "He dealt with it pretty well. He said what he had to say and I didn't feel the need to say anything more."

Arjun Kapoor considered Salman Khan as his godfather. It was Salman who boosted up his confidence and asked Arjun to shed his weight and take up acting. The report of dating Malaika was also denied by Arjun in 2013 and when a daily asked him about the same, he then said that if the rumor was true, Salman would have surely killed him.

It was said that Arjun Kapoor dated Malaika Arora Khan after he broke up with Arpita Khan.