Malaika Arora eyes the business of fashion

<a href='//' title='Malaika Arora Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='malaika-arora-khan' id='article_tag_data_malaika-arora-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Malaika Arora Khan</strong></a>Malaika Arora Khan is raring to go. Will she take up more television? Or, has she set her eyes on more Chaiya Chaiya numbers? The entertainment industry has been speculating for a while...
...Lately, she’s been seen at the best of fashion shows in Mumbai and Delhi and here’s why. Malaika is neck deep in work, with plans to launch her own line of clothing.

“It’s still in the initial stages,” she says a little cautiously. “There’s a lot of detailing and ground work to be done.” Her label will be ready in the coming year. “They will be good, stylish and wearable clothes. I want to see people wear good clothes. A good style statement is a reflection of me. I plan to launch the label first in Mumbai and then to other cities like Hyderabad.”

The stylish woman might be turning designer and learning the ropes of the fashion business, but she isn’t tuning out of television and the big screen. The style show she hosts for a TV channel is very much on. “The show is in tune with my style sensibilities. And yes, I get to travel a lot and get paid well,” laughs Malaika. The silver screen last saw her in Kaante’s Mahi Re and Malaika is game for more. “There are two more films coming up the next year. I love dancing and it’s tough to keep away from it.”

But beyond fashion, TV and movies, Malaika’s top priority is her baby boy. “I see that I have enough time for myself. I want to go back to my son at the end of the day,” she says, smiling at the thought of her son Arhaan. “I love to see him smile, run around and just be there for him. There’s this unbelievable strong bond that I feel towards him which is so tough to explain.”

If you expect Malaika to have changed after motherhood, here’s the surprise. “It’s clichéd to say that the baby has calmed me down and made me responsible. I’ve always been responsible. And, I haven’t calmed down. I am still hotheaded and lose my temper quickly. I still yell at people when things go wrong. I don’t think I will change.”