Malaika, Arbaaz sell relationship for publicity

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora KhanWith an aim for a better sell, Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan made their 10 years long married life a hot and juicy topic of discussion for all. Their relationship is an example for those who think that celebrities’ marriage is short lived. But yesterday, the news of their split up had spread like a wild fire and made the gossip mills churned high. Later it is emerged that the entire story was created and decorated to publicize a product which they are endorsing.

The shocking story was made for better publicity of the skin cream that both Malaika and Arbaaz are endorsing but their relationship and marriage turned a bad face when media added some more masala to their separation story. Both were surprised when stories like Arbaaz dumps Malaika for second marriage and Malaika's booming career created a dent in their relationship went far and round.

The duo was little shocked to see how the things turned black in a few minutes after their campaign and how their break up news was sold like hot cakes in the market. Later, they declared that all well in their paradise.