Maik proposed to me on Christmas eve, Monali Thakur

Singer Monali Thakur has shocked her friends and fans when she divulged that she been married to her Switzerland based boyfriend Maik Richter for three years.

On being asked about her love story, Monali said, “During 2016, we were supposed to come to Spain for the IIFA. But before that, my girlfriends and I decided to do a backpacking trip somewhere nearby. So for that, we came to Switzerland. That’s when I met Maik who was my Airbnb host. We had a crush thing happening. Six months later, he proposed to me on Christmas eve, and I said yes to him. It was bitter cold weather. I actually didn’t know if I was shivering out of cold, or because he had proposed to me (laughs).”

But why did she keep her wedding a secret for three years? “Firstly, I intended to keep it a secret just for a few months. But later we forgot that we have to announce our marriage. Now it’s been three years! Sorry about that. We didn’t intend to actually hide it,” she shared.

Monali Thakur recently released her single ‘Dil Ka Fitoor’ and in the music video she romances her husband Maik. The music video has been shot in the Swiss village of Murren, and the married couple romances each other against the backdrop of the Alps. The single was composed by Kaushik and Guddu and lyrics have been penned by Shloke Lal.

When the musician was asked whether she has sung anything for Maik, the National Award-winning singer replied, “I did croon for Maik, but the funniest thing is Maik croons my songs often. He has attended my concerts. It is very cute how he sits in the front, and I see him singing. He admires the fact that I am an independent woman, and that’s what I respect in him the most. He is my other equal, and he feels proud of me for everything that I am trying to do.”