Mahima Chaudhry plays Indrani Mukherjea in ‘Dark Chocolate’

Mahima Chaudhry returns to the siver screen after a hiatus with her debut Bengali film, ‘Dark Chocolate’ inspired from the infamous Sheena Bora murder case. In the movie, the ‘Pardes’ actress plays the role of Sheena Bora’s mother Indrani Mukherjea. Riya Sen plays the role of Indrani’s daughter Sheena Bora.

In August, Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her former driver Shyamwar Rai was arrsted by Mumbai Police for murdering Sheena Bora. Indrani’s latest husband Peter Mukherjea was also involved in the murder of Indrani’s daughter.

“‘Dark Chocolate’ is based on the Sheena Bora murder and I play Sheena’s mother,” said Mahima at the film’s trailer launch.

“This is my first Bengali film and a very exciting moment for me” she added.

The actress also says that she didn’t get time to prepare for the role.

“When I was offered this role, I thought this is very different. I wanted two-three months for preparation but my director insisted that we kick off shooting in two-three days. As the case was just unfolding and my director wanted to finish the film, we completed the movie within a month,” she said.

Director Agnidev Chatterjee said that the case was quite intriguing.

“I thought that a mother could never kill her daughter. There must be something more to the whole case. I have known most of people involved in the case. Suddenly something like this has happened. So, I am saying something about the case through my film,” he explained.

'Dark Chocolate' has been produced by Pradip Churiwal and also features Riya Sen, Mumtaz Sorcar and Rajesh Sharma.