Mahesh Bhatt appeals for Indo-Pak peace; incurs Twitterati's wrath

In the wake of the terror attack in Uri army camp by suspected Pakistani, the tension between the ever warring nations is on all-time high. While there is a lot of hate mongering on social media, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has appealed to governments of both the nations to promote peace and not war.

The director took to his Twitter handle to share his message of peace. Mahesh Bhatt posted a picture of him holding a hand-written appeal asking the leaders of both the countries that the actions of a few violent men should not be allowed to dictate the future of many people who want peace.

“Dear leaders, do not let the actions of a few violent men write the future of many people, like me who want peace. #KillTerroristsNotTalks #ProfileForPeace,” the note read.

The ‘Saaransh’ director is not the only one appealing for peace. A Facebook user by the name Voice of Ram recently uploaded his picture holding a note with the same message written on it. The user also encouraged others to make similar profile pictures with the message of peace.

While many have responded to his call, several others posted their pictures with their own version of the message, in which their anger against Pakistan was evident.

One user’s note read, “Dear Pak lovers, words lose their meaning while shouldering the coffins of young soldiers. We never stopped talking and they never started hearing. Conversation is two-way street. #Kill terrorist not our mother # Quit Pak artistes.”

A Jammu & Kashmir-based girl in her note wrote, “I Hate Pakistan” and gave several reasons for the hatred like ‘terrorist bombed our schools’, ‘lost schoolmates in grenade attacks’ and others and ended the note with ‘I love my soldiers and I hate Pakistan’. The girl shared the note with the tweet, “I hate Pakistan cuz I'm not @MaheshNBhatt who has the luxury of living in a posh area of Mumbai where no bombs land in dinner plates.”