‘Mahadev’ Mohit Raina dating Mouni Roy

Mohit Raina who is currently playing ‘Mahadev’ in the popular mythological serial ‘Mahadev’ in Life Ok has found his true love. Mohit who became a household name after the portrayal of ‘Mahadev’ is said to be dating Mouni Roy.

Mouni played the role of Sati in the serial but unfortunately, she has to leave the show in the mid-way then after her exit enters Sonarika Bhadoria. She stepped into her role as Mahadev’s better half. Mohit is smitten by Mouni and though she has left the show, she left a mark on Mahadev Mohit'ss heart.

After their work schedule, both spend quality time together. Onlookers informed that both looked comfortable and very much in love.

However, Mohit is playing safe and keeping his love life under wraps as he feared that his lover boy image might not tarnish his Godly image.

Mouni neither accept or deny their special relationship.Mohit recently hit the headlines for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka's aunt finds Mohit the perfect man for Priyanka and she even approached Priyanka with marriage proposal.

Well, the lovey dovey couple deserves kudos as they were hiding their relationship for professional reason.