Mahabharat Trailer: Big B, Vidya, Ajay Devgn get animated

The great epic of Mahabharat has been adapted many times on small screen. But for the first time the epic will be depicted in an animated version on silver screen. Releasing on 25th December, is the movie of Mahabharat. The uniqueness of this animated movie is that our Bollywood stars have rendered their voices to the characters. Like Bhisma has got the voice of Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn’s voice goes to Arjun. Bheem’s voice is given by Sunny Deol. Also, Vidya’s voice is given to Draupadi, Jackie Shroff’s voice goes to Duryodhan, Anil Kapoor’s voice goes to Karna, Manoj’s voice goes to Yudhistir and Anupam Kher’s lends his voice to Shakuni who was the evil Prince of Gandhar.

Not contended with the voice, the film maker has actually made the characters resemble the stars who are lending their respective voices. If you look at Bhisma, it has an uncanny resemblance to Amitabh Bachchan. Similarly Draupadi seems to be on the heavier side like Vidya Balan. We all know that according to the mythology, Draupadi was a dark and slender beauty. It seems the film maker has given a Bollywood touch to the movie.

The first trailer of ‘Mahabharat’ was released recently. The sets seem huge. A huge and beautiful kingdom of Hastinapur is shown. The Pandav characters are tall and muscular with mustaches. The trailer begins with the Mahabharat shloka ‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmashya’.

The movie is India’s most expensive multi starrer animation movie. The movie is produced by Jyantilal Gada and Pen Pictures. The movie is directed by Amaan Khan.

It is still not clear who has given the voice to the character of Krishna. Earlier the film makers wanted to rope in Salman Khan. But after watching the trailer, it is obvious that it is not the superstar but somebody else.

Anil Kapoor was present at the launch of the first look of ‘Mahabharat’. He unveiled the poster. His voice is given to Karna. Anil told that in real life he somewhere associated with Karna as he also believed in friendship and loyalty. He also told that though loyalty at times comes at a cost, but it was always the best thing. He thanked the producer and the director for giving his looks to Karan. Both the director and the producer also spoke on the occasion. They were thankful to the stars for their contribution.