Madhuri, Sriram filed for divorce?

All is not well in Madhuri Dixit and Sriram Nene’s paradise. According to an insider, the couple is facing a major marital discord and following which the million dollar smile lady has decided to shift her base to India.

Few days back, Madhuri tweeted that she is returning back to India and very excited about it. She also said that her husband Sriram has a lot of opportunities in India and he is in talks with top hospitals in India.

But the real story is something different; following a major fallout in their marriage Madhuri has decided to be back to India. It is also heard that the duo has filed for divorce.

Madhuri tweeted that she will be back by October.  When Madhuri married to Denver based cardiovascular surgeon Sriram Nene, she was one of the reining queen of Bollywood.