Madhuri grooves with Aishwarya

Madhuri and Aishwarya in Los AngelesMadhuri and Aishwarya set the stage in Los Angeles on fire, mesmerized the 20,000 audience, and took the Unforgettable Tour by storm when they performed on Ismail Darbar's enthralled music Dola Re. Both the sizzling beauties of Bollywood matched their steps perfectly and grooved with the same spirit and enthusiasm. The audience cannot stop raving their performance as they have successfully caught their perfect mood.

Madhuri too shook her leg in her individual hit numbers like Ek Do Teen and K Sera Sera. Horde of dancers joined her at the backdrop. While Madhuri dances, she was totally absorbed by the call of the occasion. After a long time, she got to perform live and again taste the magic of dance which she has sidelined due to family priority but the Unforgettable Tour has given her the opportunity to get back to her old image which she had enjoyed utmost. 

Aishwarya also grooved in single in some of her hit numbers. The Unforgettable Tour has really kept its promise and at the same time received much more than what it had expected.

Checkout performance pictures from The Unforgettable Tour in San Francisco:

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan in San Francisco  Aishwarya Rai in San Francisco  Preity Zinta in San Francisco