Madhuri Dixit will make a comeback with Yash Raj Film

The heartthrob of bollywood Madhuri Dixit will be returning and she has decided to make her entry in a grand style. After months of speculation as to which film will be the comeback vehicle for Madhuri Dixit Nene post marriage and two sons, it is finally official that Mads will make her comeback in bollywood with a Yash Raj film. Madhuri was last seen in the film Devdas (2002) as Chandramukhi alongside co-stars Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. The Yash Raj Film will be directed by Anil Mehta who was the director of photography for films like KANK, Veer-Zara and Lagaan.
Earlier it was reported that Madhuri would make her comeback in her manager Riku Rakeshnath’s film, but now the Yash Raj project will take center stage. Madhuri’s manager Riku confirms the project with Yash Raj saying “When Adi narrated the story of the film to her; she was immensely impressed and immediately okayed the deal. Also doing a Yash Raj Film will be good for her as it’s a lead role. It’s always great to work with Yash Raj Films.” However manager Riku also confirms that Madhuri will be doing his project too in time but the project has been slightly delayed as he is still to find a good script and director. However the actor opposite Madhuri in the Yash Raj film has not yet been confirmed. Madhuri’s role and the storyline of the film has not been disclosed, but obviously it will definitely be worth her while and time.

Madhuri had earlier confirmed that she was in talks with Yash Raj for a film. However she is pretty firm that she does not want to do too many films as her kids are still quite small and she wants to give her family maximum time. Madhuri said “I would definitely like to do at least a couple of good films with good filmmakers.” Madhuri currently lives in USA along with her surgeon husband and two kids. The film is slated to take off in January next year and will be shot in India. Earlier Madhuri was seen performing a special dance number at the Filmfare Awards 2006 function. So whether Madhuri will mange to make her way back into the heart of bollywood and her fans remains to be seen. We wish all the best for her comeback!