Madhuri Dixit snubs rumours of trouble with her marriage

Madhuri Dixit is making her comeback in bollywood post marriage and motherhood with Yash Raj film Aaja Nachale. Naturally the pretty lady who won many a hearts in bollywood is excited as well as nervous about her comeback. Mads has been in Mumbai since January and she is busy winding up the shoot of her film. Her two sons Ryan and Arin are also with her in Mumbai. Unfortunately her husband Ram Nene who is a surgeon was unable to be with her in Mumbai continuously due to his hectic schedule. Mads has also enrolled her two sons in a playschool and this has got rumours started that there is some trouble with her marriage. However Mads says “I don’t want to dignify these atrocious rumours by commenting on them.”
In spite of these malicious rumours floating around, Mads manages to keep her cool and calm, she goes on to explain saying “We have enrolled the kids in a playschool, so that they learn to interact with other kids and adapt with others and not waste their time while they are here in India.” Mads is finally happy that she has almost finished shooting for her film and will soon be returning to the US. Husband Ram Nene will soon be coming to pick up Mads and his kids; she says “Ram is coping fine as he keeps so busy. But of course he misses us and keeps calling us everyday. In fact this month he is coming to pick us up.” Madhuri is happy to return to acting but nonetheless she is a bit anxious, she says “The biggest fear is definitely as to how the film will fare at the box-office, but right now I am just concentrating on finishing the work and I have put all these fears at the back of my mind.”

Madhuri is well aware that times have changed; today there is more advanced technology and even the competition is tough. But Mads says “The kind of technology, sets, effects, camera work we had at that time, we still made good films. Today with the advancement in technology we can make better movies, so I think it’s wonderful.” As for the competition of younger actresses in the industry Mads says “It depends on what kind of roles you play. Age is not a binding factor today, but nonetheless I will not be prancing around trees or try to look 16.” Madhuri’s dance moves got many of her fans gyrating along with her and once more she will be seen making her comeback with a dance musical in Aaja Nachale. Mads is also happy to make her comeback with one of the most prestigious production houses in bollywood, she says “Yash Raj films make their films from their heart, they work hard on every film they make. It’s a wonderful company to work with and I am really glad that I am working with them.”

Although Mads is busy with shooting, every free moment is spent with her two kids. She claims that her sons love Mumbai, Mads says “Both Ryan and Arin love it here, in fact they always play outdoors and come back all drenched in sweat.” Apart from losing weight for her role in the film, Mads jokingly adds “I keep running after my kids that in itself can get you in half your size.” When quizzed about doing more films in bollywood, Mads says “Please gimme a break, let me finish this one and then lets see how things go on from there.” Well Mads we’re sure your fans are as anxious as you are for your comeback film and they can’t wait to watch you light up the big screen with that million dollar smile.