Madhuri and her ex-secretary divided on an ugly note

Since her return to India about two years ago with her husband and children, Madhuri Dixit has been extremely busy with her endorsements and such other things. However, some of her past has been refusing to leave her. While she is here, busy tackling the various new aspects in her life, her ex-secretary, Rikku, with who she had been with 28 years, opened his new talent academy recently.

Rikku had been Madhuri’s Secretary and had managed her portfolio when most of her films were being rendered unsuccessful in the market. It was Rikku who had been the silent contributor for the success of ‘Tezaab’, where he had controlled both Madhuri and Anil’s images single handedly. The great bond between Madhuri and Rikku had created history with Tezaab, and nobody could have imagined that such a perfect duo would be separated so soon and that too on such an ugly note.

Certain reports tell us that it was Madhuri’s husband who decided to hire professional and young people for publicity purposes. It is quite evident that Mr. Nene has a very strong sense of marketing. He had actually followed her all the way to India by quitting his career as a surgeon is US. This was done mainly to accompany her wife and to help her regain her position in the tinsel town. He gave his wife a talent manager and a team that is more business savvy.

In this process of a major change, Rikku started finding it very difficult to manage with the two. They had started making excuses for not receiving his calls. They also refused to meet him. He also got to know that Madhuri or rather her husband had hired a more ‘professional’ Reshma Shetty for the job. Madhuri had given Rikku a call to tell him that from now on her husband will look after her career.

Many people might have guessed Rikku’s devastated condition. However, the strong-natured Rikku did not reveal his inner emotions. After a hiatus of a year and a half, he managed to open his own Talent management company called ‘TalentZ’. He partnered with Aparesh Ranjit (Shilpa Shirodkar’s husband) and Pahlaj Nihalani and opened this company. He has expanded his business and managed to reach his goal. He is now out there looking for the next Madhuri Dixit among the many aspiring faces.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nene’s prospects does not seem as good as he had expected them to be. He is probably having funding problems that he wishes to overcome very soon.