Madhur Bhandarkar sets free from rape charges

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar heaved a sigh of relief as Supreme Court has given the final judgment in his favor. On Monday SC dismisses the rape charges against him by starlet Preeti Jain.

Nine years back, Preeti Jain has accused Madhur of raping her in pretext of giving her work. The case has been dismissed by Supreme Court after Preeti Jain said that she is in no longer interested to pursue career in acting since it has been nine years she has lodged the complaint against the filmmaker. Hence, she has dropped the rape case against him.

In 2004, Preeti Jain has lodged a complaint against filmmaker claiming that he had raped her several times between 1999 and 2004 under the pretext of marrying her and casting her in his movies.

In a statement, Preeti alleged: "We had sex 16 times and Madhur made promises of giving me a lead role in his films. However, he didn't offer me a lead role in any of his movies. At times when I refused, he raped me."

Police did not find any evidence of rape charges against the filmmaker. In September 2011, the Mumbai court rejected the police probe and ruled that Mr Bhandarkar might have tried for rape.

In November last year, the Bombay High Court had granted bail to Mr Bhandarkar on a surety of Rs 30,000.

Mr Bhandarkar is a successful filmmaker who directed films like Heroine, Chandni Bar, Page 3, Traffic Signal, Corporate and Fashion, among others.