Madhavan to become a father

MadhavanThere's a lot for Madhavan to smile about in the coming months. He turns 35 in June, has a Tamil and a Hindi release lined up in the summer and also becomes a father in August.
"My wife Sarita and I are expecting our first baby," he announces proudly. "It's a big moment. We've waited long enough for it. I make sure that I spend as much time with her as possible. In fact, last week when I went to the US Sarita accompanied me."
The actor was in the US to play golf, the game he describes as "my third biggest passion in life after my wife and movies", at the posh Pebbles Beach in California.

"It's the mecca of golf players, open only to the best players in the world. Tiger Wood plays at Pebbles Beach. It was a great moment for me. I felt like an excited schoolboy at a toy store. I got my wife to click me there."

Career-wise Madhavan seems to have entered a brand new phase. Even as his new Tamil film Thambi reaches finishing point, the actor is ready with his new Hindi film.

"It's an out-and-out comedy called 'Ramji London Wale', a remake of Kamal Haasan's Tamil hit Nala Damyanthi. I play a cook from Bihar in London who's a major fan of Mr Amitabh Bachchan. The character is a lot like me. No, I don't cook well. But I am a major Bachchan buff, like the rest of the country. Ramji Londonwale is a tribute to two of my idols, Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan."

The Hindi comedy, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker's former assistant Sanjay Daima, has been taken over for marketing and distribution by Columbia-Tristar.

Says Madhavan: "They're a very professional organisation. We need that kind of infrastructure and marketing acumen to take our films to the right places. I believe 'Ramji...' is my most massy Hindi film to date. And since I'm from Bihar I had a whale of time doing the character."

The film opens on July 22. Also around the corner in August is Madhavan's new Tamil film Thambi. And Madhavan can't stop raving about the director. "Seeman is the best director I've worked with since Mani Ratnam. His grasp over the plot is amazing. I think I'm blessed to be working with the best directors."

While his career forges ahead, there's palpable excitement in Madhavan's household over the impending arrival. "The baby can only bring me more luck. We've already thought of alternative names for it. Though I'm really excited about the impending release of a Tamil movie and Hindi release within a month, nothing can beat the excitement, nervousness, anxiety and joy of being a father."

Courtesy: IANS