Ma Anand Sheela sends legal notice to Priyanka, prefers Alia Bhatt to play her role

Ma Anand Sheela, the assistant of Rajneesh or Osho and Indian born American-Swiss convicted criminal prefers Alia Bhatt to play the role in her biopic and not Priyanka Chopra.

In her earlier interview, Ma Anand Sheela revealed that Priyanka Chopra had once contacted her to make a biopic on her but she as not eager that she would play her role and also she sent a legal notice to her which she did not reply yet.

Sheela, in a conversation with Hindustan Times, said that she prefers Alia Bhatt instead. "I saw bits of a film that my sister was watching, and I thought, I looked like her when I was young. I asked my sister, ‘Did I look like her when I was young? Do you remember’? And she said, ‘Yes, you do’. I feel she has the spunk in her that I had. Spunk is very necessary and it is very natural, it is not artificial, not cosmetic, it is genuine."

When asked about the legal notice she sent to Priyanka, Ma Anand Sheela said, "I told her I do not give her permission to do the film because I have not chosen her... In Switzerland, we send legal notices very simply. I sent her an email which is accepted there as legal."

When asked if Priyanka responded to the notice, she said, "No, never. Not even a courtesy letter that they received my notice but that’s not an issue, maybe she never had the opportunity to meet me or make time to meet me and it is no big issue... not everybody has the time to meet me."