Lucky Ali starts blogging on his site!

A little birdie has tipped us that the multi faceted singer, actor and producer Lucky Ali has started blogging. And thus joined the ranks of other famous Bollywood figures like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in this new format of communicating with fans.

“Yes, I wrote my first blog post recently" says a clearly overjoyed Lucky. "I believe my blog will be a single point destination where I can express myself, share and reflect my emotions, thoughts, opinions and listen to what people have to say to me and show them the ‘real’ side of me”, he added.

Lucky believes that he will now have more opportunities to interact with his fans and well-wishers. "I have always wanted a platform where I can speak, for truth is always stranger than fiction. People will now get an unedited version of my views, ideas and thoughts, straight from me.” he said. He is also now active on his official fan page and twitter profile!

Now that's a treat for his fans! Let's watch his blog closely to see how it shapes up!